The Healing Quilt: Blanketing Our Lost Loved Ones

Title: The Healing Quilt: Blanketing Our Lost Loved Ones

Artist(s): Jerry Whitehead - Cree, Sharifah Marsden - Anishinaabe (ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒃ), Corey Larocque - Cree/Gitxan/Haida.

Words: Bud Osborn

Community Partners: Culture Saves Lives, DTES Centre for the Arts, PHS Community Services Society, City of Vancouver, and The Interurban Gallery

Location: 20 W Hastings, Vancouver.

Year: 2017

Description: Featuring East Coast and West Coast Designs, the Star Blanket Mural is a co-creation between many artists and organizations working in communities affected by the fentanyl overdose crisis. The mural is intended as a site of meaning and beauty for the people who live in the DTES. It is both a memorial to those who have died during the ongoing crisis and a big beautiful bright gift for the folks who call the streets home.

jerry whitehead sharifah and corey hi rez.jpg
Starblanket Mural DTES inprogress.jpg

VIDEO INTERVIEW : Corey Larocque (Artist)

The Thunderbird painted by Corey Larocque represents the spiritual crossing and the transition into the spirit world. Corey was adopted into a family in Alert Bay which is where the crest of the Thunderbird comes from. He dedicated this piece to a well-loved chief who passed away due to fentanyl.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Patrick Smith (Culture Saves Lives)

The use of the Thunderbird was initially inspired by a painting created by a DTES resident, John Walkus Green who was at that time still an opioid user and was part of PHS programs including Culture Saves Lives.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dalannah Gail Bowen (Downtown Eastside Centre For The Arts)

To me it means that we recognize this challenging time, we are experiencing many loses both personally and as a community, but this gives us hope.” - Dalannah Gail Bowen (DTES Centre for The Arts)


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