Atheana Picha

Title: Hole In The Sky

Artist: Atheana Picha (Kwantlen)

Curated by: Roxanne Charles

Event: Vancouver Mural Festival

Year: 2018


Details: Indigenous formeline is intergrated throughout the mural, speaking to the culture that is strongly intertwined with the environment. Each of the animals and insects are important to indigenous culture as well as our ecosystem. This mural is meant to show appreciation of the small things in the wilderness, that the artist sees as commonly overlooked and undervalued.


At only 18 years old, Atheana is the youngest artist to ever paint in the Vancouver Mural Festival. The bumpy siding of the house was not the most ideal surface to paint, but with the help of some friends she pushed through and the final result is definitely a testament to the talent of this emerging artist.

About Athean Picha:

Each year VMF is lucky to have Thrive Talks as part of the line up of events. This evening is programmed by the amazing organization Thrive Art Studio, who offers opportunities for training, feedback, and community to female artists throughout the Lower Mainland. In 2018, Atheana was one of the artists presenting. Check out her presentation below to learn more about the artist, how she got started, and where she’s hoping to go.


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